Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ghale bhajan Sai Bhajan

Ga Le Bhajan, Sai Bhajan, ho jaa magan tu ho jaa magan
(Sing the bhajan of Sai, get drunk with divine love, you get drunk with divine love)

The bhajan points to some essentials of Sai Bhakti like

* Bow to the feet of Sai, get the head down and be humble

* forget the world and and remember His divine love

* you have noting here, nor the body is yours nor the mind is your, surrender them to Sai

* don't wish anything else than Sai

* remember one day your body will be burned to ashes or buried six feet under

* the day you love your enemy and the day you understand the lose as the win, be sure that you are getting closer to Sai, ready to merge and be one with HIM

* Get drowned in Sagar (Ocean) (Sai) and lose your mind body and heart in HIM, Let only be HIM, HIM and HIM