Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sai SatCharitra Chapter 15 - Hindi Audio Video

Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 15 video Hindi part 1

This video is the part of Shri Sai Satcharitra – Hindi Audio Video

The sacred text Shri Sai SatCharitra chapter 15. There is a weakness that enters into many devotees mind. They prefer not read Sai Satcharitra saying, “Oh i know it!” In the original verse by verse Sai SatCharitra it Hepadpant urges, “Be kind, O listeners! Meditate for a moment on your Guru and listen respectfully the story by giving me your full attention. Please do not say with disdain, “Oh, don’t we know You full well!

This chapter also points out that more one reads Sai SatCharitra with love and devotion, stirs the compassionate heart of Sai and one is aware of more and more of Sai’s love.

This chapter deals with a story of One Mr. Cholkar a very poor man. How he prays during a kirtan to Sai Baba, takes a vow. How Sai Baba let him know, that he was aware of his prayer and vow, and He is always ready to respond to prayers coming from heart.

Das Ganu was instrument of Sai Baba’s love and grace. He sung bhajans in praise of Sai Baba and other form of Gods, in kirtans conducted in various towns, villages and cities. He dressed very simply, the crowd that gathered to listen to his kirtans were huge due to Sai’s grace. The simple dress he wore has and interesting story behind it.

Once Das Ganu had to perform the bhajan singing in Shirdi. He dressed himself in angrakha (a long, outer-frock like garment for men), an uparni (a decorative cloth piece) on shoulder and a turban on head. Quite pleased with himself he went to Sai Baba for obeisance as was the custom in Shirdi.

However Sai Baba did not approve of his highly fashionable attire that adorn his body, while he sung the glories of God, Saints and Guru. Dressing in this manner pleased Das Ganu, however the Guru had something else in store for him.

So he herd Sai Baba remark, “Bravo! You are indeed, decked out like a bridegroom! But, so adorned, where do you proceed?”

Das Ganu replied that he was going to perform kirtan.

Sai Baba further said, “Why this angrakha? Why this uparna, this turban? What for, all this effort? These things are not for us! Take them off before me right now! Why carry burden on your body?”

Das Ganu’s love and respect for Baba made him immediately do away with the adorning attire and then onwards, while performing kiratns Das Ganu wore simple attire. With bare healthy looking body, chiplis in hands, plain dhoti around his waist and a garland around his neck.

This Cholkar was very poor and attended a Kirtan performed by Das Ganu. Dabholkar describes many kind’s of listeners of the kirtan. Their likes about various aspect of kiratan like singing, looking at the performer how he gets absorbed while singing the name of God, how he dances enraptured narrating the stories of God’s and saint. Some have inclination towards parables and fables that comes in the later half.

Hemdpant says out of these types there are many listeners. But it is hard to find a class of listeners in whom faith and devotion to God or saints grow steadily as they listen.

The faith and devotion grew in Cholkars heart and mind. He was struggling with problems of money. He said to himself, “O Compassionate Baba, please look after this meek helpless creature". “Baba mine is poor household, my entire dependence being on getting job. But to be permanent in job, this exam must be passed. With great diligence and hard work I have prepared for the examination, all my reliance being on passing it. Or else I’ll lose my job as probationer, too.

“If I pass this examination, i will humbly present myself at your feet and distribute sugar-candy in Your name. This is my firm resolve!”

This vow he took and to his great joy his wish was fulfilled. As he was poor the vow completion was delayed. So to atone for it he gave up sugar, from all food. So much so that he took his tea also without sugar.

He knew, he would require money for journey, moreover he could not go to Baba empty-handed. So he kept postponing the  Shirdi visit with painful waiting.

After some days passed in this manner the time came for Chlokar to visit Shirdi. Cholkar prostrated at Sai Baba’s feet and was filled with satisfaction and joy. With heart so purified he distributed sugar-candy in the name of Baba. He offered coconut to Baba and said, “Today, all my heart’s desire has borne fruit.”

Since he was Jog’s guest, naturally he had to stay at Jog’s house. When Jog got up his guest got up too. Baba then said to Jog, “Serve him cups full of tea, with well sweetened sugar.”

Listening to this secret of him, Cholkar was deeply moved. He again made a prostration at this all knowing sage.

Then there is a very unusual story of 2 lizards. Listening to sound of lizard, a question was asked to Baba, who was sitting at His usual place in Masjid (Dwarkamai) whether the chirping of lizard was auspicious or inauspicious.

Sai Baba answered that the lizard was chirping because her sister from Aurangabad was coming to meet her. This put every bodies mind in awe. Aurangabad was about 200 kilometer away from Shirdi. How would a lizard come there to meet her sister.But everybody knew that many a time Baba’s answer were difficult to understand, but would the answer would reveal in time to come in most unusual manner.

A trader from Auragabad came, he suddenly pulled out a horse's mouth bag, from under his arm and shook it vigorously to clear the rubbish. As he dashed the bag to ground turning it inside out a lizard drop from it.

Baba then said to questioner, “Now keep an careful eye on her! This indeed, is the sister of lizard. Just watch the marvel!”

The lizard aimed towards the chirping lizard. After so many days the two sister’s were meeting. They hugged and embraced and kissed each other on the mouth. It was unique celebration of love!

This chapter also says that those who reads this chapter with reverence, or makes repeated reading of it regularly, will be free from all obstacles by Gururaya.