Friday, March 4, 2011

Sai SatCharitra Chapter 13 - Hindi Audio Video

Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 13 part 1 video

Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 13 part 2 (Hindi) video

This video is the part of Shri Sai Satcharitra – Hindi Audio Video

This Chapter 13 of Sai SatCharitra contains a story of Sai Baba’s compassionate nature.

A person name Bhimaji Patil, once a well to do, healthy and happy man, was struck by the destiny.He got enfeebled by tuberculoses. Greatly he suffered physically.

He was greatly troubled in His mind. The suffering of the body was getting beyond all endurance. Propitiations of God, exorcising – everything was tried: the doctors and the vaidyas, they had given up all efforts.  

He was distressed; his days seemed numbered. He now got weary of consulting astrologers and exercisers. Doctors and hakims treating him came to their wit’s end. No one could do anything. All their efforts failed.

Bhimaji Patil cried out in anguish, “Help me, O Narayana!” And when God heard Patil’s anguished cry for help, he was at once moved by compassion! And Bhimaji suddenly got an urge to write of Nanasaheb Chandorkar, a close devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Even in the rotation of the wheel of Fortune there seems to be a Divine Plan. To all the good actions and bad, it is God who holds the string. It is He who preserves and He who destroys. He alone is the doer.

Patil wrote to Chandorkar, “I am tired of medicines. I am really fed up with this life, itself! The world, to me, seems so cheerless and dreary! As for me the hopes are sunk to their lowest. And so,  it is strong desire of my heart to meet you, with the utmost certainty.”

On reading the letter Nanasaheb’s heart was filled with sadness. Deeply touched with compassion, He wrote, “I suggest you only 1 remedy. Hold fast to Sai Baba’s feet! This is the only Ultimate remedy. For He alone is our Father, our Mother!

When even a dreaded disease like leprosy is cured by His mere darshan, what of tuberculosis? Have no doubt. Go and catch Sai’s feet!

Whatever anyone asks Him for, He always gives it to him. This is His promise, to which He is bound. So I say, don’t waste any time for Sai’s Darshan.”

Patil’s cart comes near a square near the Dwarkamai and thence to it’s front door. 4 people boar Bhimaji on their hands and brought him in the compassionate lap of Dwarkamai and right in front of the compassionate dweller Shri SatChitAnand Sai Baba.

Nanasaheb and Madhavrao Deshpande were there too. On seeing Patil Baba said, “Shama, how many more thieves are going to burden me with?” What, is his right on your part?”

Bhimaji lowered his head towards Sai Baba’s feet and said, “Baba have merci on me, this friendless destitute. Protect me O Dinananath (lord of poor).

Sai Baba was moved by the piteous call and in that moment Bhimaji knew that he will be relieved from his sufferings. Sai Baba the ocean of compassion, was deeply touched and said with a smile. “Rest assured, give up all anxiety. The moment you put your foot in Shirdi, your sufferings have ended. “You may be up to your neck in the sea of obstacles, you may have sunk deep in the sea of sorrow and suffering, but know, that he who climbs the steps of mosque (Dwarkamai) will enjoy greatest happiness.

“The fakir of this place is very kind; He will eradicate your disease and pain. He who has compassion for all, will look after you very lovingly. Hence you rest assured. Stay in house on Bhimabai. Go now and in a day or 2 you will get relief.”

As he herd the words coming from Sai Baba’s mouth, Patil felt a great relief. The relief of a one with no hope of survival suddenly getting under a flow of life giving nectar.

The mouthfuls of spittle of blood that occurred every 5 minutes subsided as he sat in the divine loving company of Baba. Baba did not ask for the cause of the disease nor did he examined the patient as doctors do. He knew everything and His loving glance and grace were enough to take out the disease from it’s very root.

Baba sent for the udi (sacred ash) of which little he gave to Bhimaji, smearing little on his forehead. He then placed his hand of benediction on Patil’s head.
Bhimaji feeling a bit more energetic, he was commanded to move to the lodging. The lodging that Baba suggested was narrow dark and wet. No normal person on the face of earth would suggest a sick person to Bhimaji. There were many more drier, spacious and cleaner lodging available for Patil. Baba has suggested that place and that was important. The place mentioned which came from Baba’s mouth could not be changed for any other place.

Bhimaji spread two sacks on the place over which was laid the bedding. Putting his mind at rest he slept. At the same night it happened that he had a dream, in which appeared his teacher and started beating him. With cane in his hand he started beating severely almost breaking his back, so as to make him learn by heart some prakrit verse. It created great agony for Bhimaji.

Then he had another dream, stranger and more painful. An unknown gentleman comes and sits on his chest. He starts grinding his chest with a stone roller, literally making his chest a grinding stone. The pain caused to Patil was intense. At moments Patil thought his life itself has leaped out his mouth and was on the way to heaven.

The dreams ended and he felt asleep. Next day as he woke up the feeling of unwell has vanished altogether. As he met Baba, the flood gates of tears of joy and gratitude were open.

Sai Baba’s wonderful ways are incomprehensible.

This and other stories of Sai Baba where Sai Baba recommended some out of the world remedies for diseases to many devotees, which worked better than any doctors could have done, are narrated in this chapter. Sai Baba who could read the cause and pointed to remedies. Often checking faith of devotees and increasing the same.