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Sai raham nazar karna - Lyrics - free mp3

Rehem Nazar Karo is the song composed by Das Ganu Maharaj, one of the contemporary devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba not only that he was apostle of Shirdi Sai Baba was spread His message through his singing of kirtans. Das Ganu - A special singer for Baba, who composed lavani's and was in British police services. He wanted promotion in police, Baba wanted him to sing bhajans and do naamasmaran(Chanting or singing the sacred names).  When ever Sai Baba asked him to leave police job, he would postpond it. Once it so happened that he was in deep trouble. 

So in Godavari river, he took water in his hands and prayed to Baba that if he gets saved, he will surely leave the police job. He was saved. Human mind is a cheater.So, while he was on a journey on his horse, Shirdi was on the way. He tired to bypass taking darshan of Baba, thinking Baba will again press to leave the police job. But on the highway (those old days highway for horses and carts), he saw Baba. Baba showed him exactly the same gesture of pouring water from his hands and asked, "Who did this, with the closed eyes in Godavari river?"  Now there was no escape!

Another such instance. Das Ganu followed strict Sanatan Dharma rules. Kept him away from onions. On other hand Baba relished onions and hardly ate anything without them. One on Ekadasi day, a chatni with lots of onion was prepared. Baba asked Gania (Baba called him Gania) to taste it. He reluctantly went in the room, dip a finger slightly in chatni, drew a line from chin to lips corner as a symbol of tasting and came back. Baba started laughing and showed everybody around what he had done in that close room.

Sai Rehem Nazar Karna and Rehem Nazar karo both are sung as a part of morning aarti in Shirdi Samadhi Temple.
Download free mp3 Rehem Nazar karo - Here

Download free mp3 Sai Rehem Nazar Karna - Here

Sai Raham Nazar Karna Lyrics in English Text

Sai Raham Nazar Karna, bacchon kaa paalan karnaa (2)
Jaana Tumne Jagatpashaaraa, sabhi jooth jamaanaa || Sai Raham .... ||
Main Aandha hoon bandaa aapkaa, mujhko prabhu dikhlaanaa || Sai Raham .... ||
Das Ganu Kahe ab kyaa bolun, thak gai meri rasna || Sai Raham .... ||

Sai Raham Nazar Karna Lyrics in Hindi Script with meaning 

साई रहम नज़र करना, बच्चों का पालन करना (2)

जाना तुमने जगत्पसारा, सबही झूठ जमाना || साई रहम .... ||

मैं अंधा हूँ बंदा आपका, मुझको प्रभु दिखलाना || साई रहम .... ||

दास गनु कहे अब क्या बोलूं, थक गई मेरी रसना || साई रहम .... ||

Meaning in Hindi

हे साई, हम पे अपनी दया दृष्टी और हम बच्चों का पालन करना |
हमने यह जान लिया कि आपसे ही यह जगत फैला हुआ है बाकी सबकुछ छलावा है |
मैं आपका सेवक, अज्ञान से अंधा हूँ, मुझे इश्वर कि राह दिखलाना |
दासगणु कहते हैं - 'अब मैं आपकी महिमा और क्या कहूँ, मेरी तो वाणी भी थक गयी है |