Saturday, June 4, 2011

Khaali Haath Naa Jaaye - A Sai Bhajan by Rana Gill

This video song from youtube, is the Sai Baba Bhajan sung by the devotee Rana Gill. The song lyrics  composition is done by Rana Gill through Sai Baba’s grace.

Music direction – Vikram Naagi.

recording was done at Royualz Studio and Dream Studio, Chandigarh.

The Hindi devotional song is called Khaali Haath Naa jaaye from the album which means nobody returns empty handed from Sai. Once you go near Sai you get much without asking anything. In fact the one who goes empty receives much more, and after receiving the love towards Sai and Shirdi increases in the heart and being. And it is love for Sai Baba that brings about the greatest of change in one’s being.
Most of the people are attracted towards Sai Baba as their wish are fulfilled. As Baba had said many times, “I give people what they want, so that I can give them what I want to give.” What Sai Baba wants to give is the highest one can receive. Since our mind is not much aware of that what Baba wants us give, it asks for what it knows. Sai Baba, gently and lovingly gives what the mind asks if and when the receiver is fit to receive that.

The lyrics of this Sai Baba song are written along with the video on the youtbe.

Some snippets - of the rough translation of the lyrics of above devotional song in English below
- Those who goes to Shirdi or Sai Baba with pure mind receives much, without even asking.
- Sai Baba’s ocean of compassion never exhausts.
- Thousands come to your Samadhi each day. Sai Baba you listen to each one and repair what is wrong.
- Nobody goes empty handed who comes to refuge in You.
- Those who takes refuge in You are always supported by Your love.
- From the worldly and chaotic ocean, Sai, you are the one who takes us across to the divine.

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