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Sai SatCharitra Chapter 5 - Hindi Audio Video

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This video is the part of Shri Sai Satcharitra – Hindi Audio Video


This is the Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 5 narrated in Hindi by Shri Shailendra Bharti.

Brief Content of Sai SatChaitra Chapter 5

This Chapter of this sacred literature describe the disappearance of Sai Baba from Shirdi and return with the marriage party of Chand Patil. As discribe in the earlier chapter (4), Sai Baba was seen at a very young age under the neem tree (Gurusthan). Later on', Shri Sai Baba was seen by a gentle man named Chand Patil. Chand Patil was in search of his lost mare. He was called by a queer fakir who help him to find his lost horse. Chand Patil was amazed to see the power of this holy man when he produced a burning charcoal and water by hitting a stick on the ground.

On reaching Shirdi this fakir was named SaiBaba by a local devotee Mhalsapati. Since then this spiritual, compassionate master is known as Sai Baba, who is protecting force and a spiritual guide to millions. Even after leaving his physical body Sai Baba is still much alive guiding many people and many saints to achieve their spiritual goal.

Also we find Sai Baba loved to spend time with spiritually interested people named Jankidas, Devidas and Gangagir. Few devotees close to God predicted that this unknown fakir was a rare spiritual jewel.
The story of padukas at Gurusthan. – wrestling bout with Mohiddin.—Nana Saheb Dengle gets a son by Sai Baba’s blessings. It was after this that people became aware of the spiritual powers of Sai Baba and started visiting Him, to fulfill their desires.

Sai Baba’s stay at Masjid (Dwarkamai) and the miracle of  lighting with water whole night. – story of repentance and surrender of fakir Javar Ali of Ahmednagar.

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