Monday, July 6, 2009

This sould bring tears in your eyes

I got this video link from a friend in my email.

This happens first time on this blog that a video is posted without any Sai Baba or Shirdi picture in it. Without any chanting of Sai Baba's or any other God's or Spiritual Master's name or mantra. The video has a great message. The message Sai Baba of Shirdi always gave. To serve those who are physically impaired.

It has been and is a great tragedy of this country (India) that mostly people with physical limitations are treated lowly. Sai Baba of Shirdi always used to point out that those who are weak, those who are sick, those who have physical limitations should be treated with love and compassion. Not just the people every living being they may be dogs, cats, pigs should be treated with compassion as God resides in them to. If we provide comfort for them, we provide comfort for Him (Sai Baba) and God, Sai Baba used to say. Even if somebody is selfish and looks deeper in the simple karmic law that whatever feelings we send to other lives comes back to us sooner or later. Make other lives feel good that feeling will come to you. Make or think about making others life miserable that too will come back. "What you sow you reap" was as simple as Sai Baba used to put it.

We will have to wait till about 1 minute for the real thing to come on the video. Kamlesh Patel a warrior in his own right comes to participate in a National Dance Competition. What's unusual with this dancer is tragedy had struck while he was 5 and was attacked with paralysis. Kamlesh's feet by the fate are useless. As we can see, He did not let that painful experience stop him doing something in life. With all the pain and anguish, most of us cannot imagine, with all the hardships physical, mental and emotional Kamlesh has worked towards what his heart was calling for 'Dance'.

There is a lot to be learned from his life for many who keep crying and complaining on trivial matters. We have human body problems are inevitable. No body can escape from the problems a king or a pauper. Forget the kings or the paupers and all in between them. The spiritual Gurus and Avatars if we read their life Ramakrishna Paramhamsha, Ma Sarda Devi, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Jesus Christ, Ram and Sita to name a few the suffered immensely. Although the reason for spiritual Masters is totally different. Most of us perhaps neglect that part of accepting pain in a positive way and keep crying and begging. We do not look towards their advice they offer and work towards it, but continue living our lives towards our petty goals and when suffer, the mind most often sends a note of complain almost immediately.

Few days back my son asked me a question which was little startling for me. He asked me "does Baba punish us, when we do wrong ?" Kids collect information from immediate environment they move in. I had to tell him, "No. Baba is compassion incarnate, Baba can never punish, in fact when Baba see His devotees in distress He runs (this word seemed to amuse him) to help His devotees." "But there are laws of Karma or Nature", i continued. I explained him that if you feed a hungry dog the dog feels good, the same feeling of feeling good created through you will come back and you (this made him comfortable and brought about a smile on his face). Now suppose you hit a dog with stone even if it does not hit the dog it creates a fear in the dog, a sense of being hated, that creation you will have to feel sooner or later. This brought about a sense of thought on his face, "so we should never hurt anybody if we want to be happy", he said, he seemed to get the simple point pretty quickly, which most of us fail to get. Than i continued even we get an intention that somebody should suffer it has it's own negative effect and vice verse.

So i continued, "Baba teaches and points to us certain things. If i tell you that don't put your hand in that hot water or you will get burnt. My intentions are that my son you should not get injured by the hot water. Still if you do not listen and deep your hand in hot water and get your hand burnt. Can anybody tell that i punished you. It is a law that if we dip our hands in hot water our hand gets burn. So will you believe if anybody tells you your daddy punished you. In fact your daddy will run and try find ways that you suffer the least." This made his face glow with happiness and soon hide his face under the blanket. He does not like to show his feelings good or bad, that's part of his nature much like his daddy's. i continued "Similarly Baba runs to minimize His devotees suffering to the extent He takes the possible suffering upon Himself as He has the power to do so." This made him more happy.

Ok i got a little carried away by own story and the simple yet most avoided law of Karma.

Coming back to Kamlesh. His voice before the performance has that confidence. After looking at the performance we can say that was not a vain confidence about his dance performance. The judges are amazed to see him enter the state. Kamlesh is all set to start his performance when the judges stop Him to ask few questions. At this point a some tension builds up on his face, perhaps from some past expeirnce of facing some rudeness on his physical limitations. As soon as the question is asked, "You are here to dance", The confidence in the voice shows with the reply of firm yes that too with humbleness. The judges are quite good and does not ask unnecessary stupid questions.

The music starts and Kamlesh starts rolling. As the dance continues one see the look on judges faces unbelievable is the only prominent thought and feeling they must be getting. Also i feel a deep sense of pain comes to our heart looking at such dynamic guy having to face this tragedy. After the amazing display of Kamlesh the judges find hard to find words of appreciation. And Kamlesh looks much humble after listening to the very appreciative words the judges could manage. And with heavy heart he manages to give his message to Indians. He says, "the physically impaired are not treated well in India. He would like to request the people that physically impaired be treated well." nothing more he asks for physically impaired.

We see many news of large donation being made to the Temples in the gratitude to the Masters or Gods. Am waiting if some devotee would like to donate the artificial legs to this person and many others who are struggling and working hard regardless to the hardships they have to face. Sai would feel very happy if such helping hands come forward. Helping not with the sense of helping Kamlesh or any other such vital positive person. But with a sense of serving His/Her spiritual Master. Because this too is right way of serving the Master.

And seek an excuse for running through a post without much thoughts or organizing the post or sticking to a particular point.