Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sai Ki Nagri live Vikram Hazra - Surat

Sai Ki Nagri a song sung from Saint Kabir doha, by devotional bhajan singer Vikram Hazra. This song was sung live by Vikram Hazra in one of his professional bhajan concert in Surat.  Attending this concert was a real devotional and enjoyable experience by all those present.

For the writer, it was a great meditative and blissful experience This particular song, a deep connection with Sai Baba's heart was felt throughout. The body was numb throughout the concert and inside was the divine blissful experience.

Vikram Hazra also performed recently in Shree Sai Maha Kumbh festival in New Delhi here is the link to the video of that performance

Om Sai!