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Sai SatCharitra Chapter 12 - Hindi Audio Video

Shri Sai SatCharitra Chapter 12 part1

Shri Sai SatCharira Chapter 12 part 2

This video is the part of Shri Sai Satcharitra – Hindi Audio Video

Shri Sai SatCharitra chapter 12 narrated in Hindi by Sai devotee Shri Shailendra Bharti.

The chapter 12th of Shri Sai SatCharitra starts with mention of reason for Saints and Avatars. Saints are like Sun, as the Sun showers the light on everyone and everywhere without any partiality. So does the saint’s light and love showers on every one without any partiality. But due to the karmic layers everyone feels the different kind of receptivity. Just as a person sitting in a room covered with thick walls cannot see or feel light, there are many who would deny this. The sadguru and saints act as a window. We all have walls, Sadguru gives an experience of the divine, a window from where we get to see and feel something totally new something we have never felt captured within the walls. Shri Sai Baba is one such incomparable Sadaguru. Sai Baba is ever eager to help His devotees.

Those who are not fortunate enough to see Sai Baba doing leelas in physical form can still quench their thirst for the same by reading and listening to His divine stories with love and devotion.

Sai Baba takes care of both temporal or worldly and spiritual matters of His devotees.

Sai Baba gives spiritual push and also takes care of temporal help and worldly matters of His devotees. One such incident is given. Kaka Mahajani one of contemporary devotees of Sai Baba, loved to visit the sacred Shirdi and enjoyed the divine company of his beloved Sadguru Sai Baba. He visited Shirdi with a wish to stay there for a week and celebrate a spiritual festival.
On reaching, Sai Baba asked him when he will get back home? Like a true devotee he answered that he will go when ever His guru Sai Baba will ask him to go.

Sai Baba sent him back the next day against his wish to stay longer. On reaching Mumbai he found that his presence at work was much needed as his co-worker got sick and Kaka Mahajani’s presence at work was needed urgently.
Soon after a similar story is given.

A lawyer named Dhumal had to visit another city for a case. Shirdi was on the way, so he decided to visit Shirdi, meet his Sadguru and leave the next day to attend the case. Sai Baba did not allow him to leave for his work next day. The lawyer Mr. Dhumal was a bit concerned that his work would have to suffer.
Sai Baba gave him permission to leave Shirdi after a week. Dhumal was surprised to know that the day he was supposed to know that the case was dropped the day he was suppose to attend. Later he won this case.
In another incident wife of a devotee of Sai Baba had a wish to visit her in-laws home and spent few days. The husband denied the same and asked her to return the next day. She went to take Baba’s blessings before leaving, with the heavy heart.  Sai Baba gave her the permission to leave Shirdi and also added, not to worry and stay there for few days and return. The husband could never deny Baba’s words. Hence the lady got the opportunity to meet her parents for few days at peace.

Sai Baba giving spiritual vision during Arati

Sai Baba’s behavior during the arati was very casual normally. He would talk with devotees while the arati of Sai Baba would be in progress. However it was during the arati time, that Sai Baba gave divine vision of forms of Gods and Guru. And also the most divine experiences were experienced by many devotees during Aarti of Sai Baba. Saibaba’s most benignant face was noticed many times during the aarti of Sai Baba.
A doctor who was devotee of Shri Rama
There were many people who did not believed Sai Baba as saint or sadguru, while the close devotees considered him the Parabharma. There was one such devotee of Lord Rama, who along with his friend visited Shirdi.
However, the visit to Shirdi was with one  deal with his friend. The deal was that he would not pay the customary respect given to saints, to Sai Baba. Nor bow to him, and he should not be asked to do so. The deal was done and he visited Shirdi just to accompany his friend.

As soon as they entered Dwarkamai, instead of the physical for of Sai Baba, he saw divine form of his lord Shri Rama. Overwhelmed by the darshan and experience he did sastang pranam to Shri Rama. Rama and Sai are one. He experienced the spiritual bliss, which continued even in the night when he slept.
Om Sri Sainathaya Namaha.