Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nice - Shirdi SaiBaba Chant

Om Sai Ram,
This one is very good online video of Chants of Sai Baba. Listening to the chant of Sai Baba along with watching the video displaying Sai Baba’s puja being done in Shirdi, touches the devotees hearts. singer Suresh Wadekar
One can read Sai Baba’s quotes on Chanting the name of God.
And also two posts written on the same subject
Chanting Sai Baba Name – Naamsmaran
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Some devotees reactions for this video on youtube are given below
awesome song with excellent picturisation,one of my favorite songs,thanks for uploading saivishnu1


saivishnu1 u have done a excellent job.
you’ve covered each &everything of Sai Baba, through each &every corner we can see Sai Baba(Shirdi) & fell him at our home.

Awesome Video..Must watch

Om Sai Ram
Sri Guru Saranam
thank you

Love this job

excellent. Om Sai ram. Hare Shirdi Nath. Hare Puttaparthi Nath.

Sab Ka Malik Ek
Thanks for sending me this video.

Om Namo Sacchidananda Sai Nathay Namah...Sai Ramay Namah...Shri Sai Krishnay Namah!
Thanks for sharing the Video.

Om Shri Shirdi Nathaya Namaha!

This Bhajan amalgamate one with the Lord
Truly wonderful
Bless the singers and the listeners
Jai Sai Ram
Narendra Lodhia

Beautiful amazing i lost myself in bliss
Jai Sairam