Monday, April 6, 2009

Sai Baba of Shirdi Short animated film

This is a short animated film made on Shirdi Sai Baba. Kids or Children will love to watch this animated film. The title given on the you tube is Mythology, which does not look appropriate. Another small mistake is about the date of Mhasamadhi (leaving of His physical body) of Sai Baba which should be 1918 and not 1980.

Other wise the video is well made for general viewing with good back ground music of the famous bhajan Sainaath tere hazaron haath.

The stories includes that of Sai Baba's earlier appearance in Shirdi as a young boy. Chandbhai Patils story described in chapter 5 of sacred text Sai SatCharitra. Reaching the Khandoba temple withmarriage procession and His naming by Mhalsaapati . His earlier stay under neem tree (gurusthaan) and then making the Dwarkamai his home.

Sleeping on the brick as pillow is mentioned shortly. Sai Baba's message of the divine riches far better than worldy riches is mentioned. Mention of His well versed in Vedas and Koran is made, yet they forgot to mention that Sai Baba never read any book for the same. Knowledge flowed from Him from the oneness with the supreme divine.

Also the mention is made of How he mixed with all people regardless of their social poitions or caste and creed and made them feel He was one among them. How He loved children and played with them as a child would do, even making the mischief's that the children do :).

A good and well made video to watch.