Monday, February 16, 2009

A well made devotional video bhajan

Lyrics in English Script

Bhikshaa de de mai, bhikshaa de de mai *
Tere dwaar pe chalkar aaya Shirdi waala Sai


Chimtaa Katoraa satkaa lekar,bhikshaa maangne aaye (2)
Tu de na de fir bi Sai (2), Aashish de kar jaaye


De de bhikshaa usko Sai daspat kar lautaaye
Na bi deto harpal sai (2), uskaa bhaar uthaye


Daan dharm se moha hai gattaa, yaha batlaane aaye
Ek ishaaraa ho jaye uskaa (2), Bhav se tu tar jaye


Roop badalnaa adat iski har bhakto ke jaye
roti tukudaa bhikshaa mange (2), asli roop chupaaye


Lyrics in Hindi Script

भिक्षा दे दे माई, भिक्षा दे दे माई *
तेरे द्वार पे चलकर आया शिर्डी वाला साई


चिमटा कटोरा सटका लेकर,भिक्षा मांगने आए (२)
तू दे ना दे फ़िर बी साई (२), आशीष दे कर जाए


दे दे भिक्षा उसको साई दसपट कर लौटाए
न बी देतो हरपल साई (२), उसका भार उठाये


दान धर्म से मोहा है गट्टा, यहाँ बतलाने आए
एक इशारा हो जाए उसका (२), भव से तू तर जाए


रूप बदलना आदत इसकी हर भक्तो के जाए
रोटी तुकुडा भिक्षा मांगे (२), असली रूप छुपाये

lyrics of the devotional song or bhajan are written on the bhikshaa (begging) practice of Sai Baba in Shirdi when He was in physical body.

This devotional or bhajan about the characteristic of Shri Sai Baba. Shri Sai Baba until he left His body used to beg for food and eat little of it rest would be fed to the poor and hungry people and animals. This going for begging for food continued even after many devotees rich and poor from near and far off land had begun to gather at Shirdi for Sai Baba's darshan.

Most of them flocked there with desires for the end of their problems like physical illness or other financial of social problems. As the stories of the people getting free of problems spread, more and more people flocked to Shirdi. Few devotees made Shirdi their home.

People would bring lots of gifts and food material as an offering to the divine. Even then Sai Baba would visit the five homes begging for the food and eat from the same. When few times if He could not go for the same due to illness a devotee was sent in lieu.

Sai Baba had few possession of material things. A chimtaa, a satka (short stick) and tin tumbler for begging. He would collect the food material in liquid form in the tumbler and dry items like chappati and rice in the cloth that he carried. Coming back to DwarkMai He would mix everything, offer the food to God eat little and leave the rest in an earthen vessel near by. Poor people and animals could freely feed themselves and appease their hunger from the same.

The video is wonderfully made by Sai brother SaiVishnu. Videos made by him reveals his intense love for Sai.The great videos coming through him, for those who love Sai. Old pictures of Shirdi are shown in the video. Also original pictures of Sai Baba of Shirdi while on begging round are shown in the video. Also the pictures of the five houses that Sai Baba used to beg are shown along with the pictures of the house owners.

Aum Sai Ram