Friday, January 2, 2009

Reham Nazar Karo - Shirdi Sai Bhajan

Listen online Reham Nazar Karo Ab more Sai, sung by Sonu Nigam in the above video on youtube.

This is the famous devotional song or bhajan composed by Sai Baba's Eminent devotee Das Ganu. Das Ganu was poet and play writer, initially used to write cheap poems and plays. He was also working in police department and had a deep desire get the promotion to the post he held in the police department.

Sai Baba helped him and saved him on various occasions and got him attracted to the divinity. Das Ganu then used to sing bhajans and kirtans and was well known for the same in Maharashtra and Mumbai.

Das Ganu had composed this song devoted to Sai Baba when Sai Baba used to live in physical body in Shirdi. Sai Baba loved this song and occasionally asked few devotees to sing this song.

Devotees can download this bhajan sung in Shirdi from downlaod link RahemNajarKaro

Lyrics in English and Hindi script of Reham Nazar Karo.