Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pujyaa Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visits Shirdi

Pujyaa Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visited Shirdi on 13th January 2009.

Vikram Hazra
had told me about Guruji's (Sri Sri Ravishankar) visit to Shirdi when Vikram Hazra visited my home.

I wanted to be a part of it but came to know about the same when Vikram Bhaiya remembered me when he steped on the sacred land Shirdi, on January 13th at 12.48 p.m was a mail in my inbox sent by Vikarmbhaiya

Just landed by helicopter in shirdi with Guruji !!! So was remembering yu :)
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Ohter day on his blog post was also the mention of the same. Vikram Hazra will be posting about Shirdi visit soon.

This year marks the century of Sai Baba's alternate visits to Chaavdi at nights. A year long celebration started on this occasion, Pujya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was present on this gracious occasion. ( I really miss to be present there ( Allah Ki Marzi) ). However can share the glimpses of the same on the video i found on the you tube.

Sri Sri walked with the devotees from Samadhi Mandir to Chavadi. (Saibaba used to walk from Dwarkamai or Masjid to Chavadi every alternate night)Sri Sri Ravi Shandarji also did the pujan on Sai Baba's Paduka and later on performed Aarati. (Mmmm missing it so much). I know how great is the feeling to be Shirdi and also have experienced how great it is to be in presence of Sri Sri. Probably my system is not ready for this double impact and so i was not called :( :(

Have spent hours sitting on the spot where Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is standing performing Arati in Chavadi.

There are certain places in Dwarkamai and in Chavdi where i am pulled as if a huge magnet pulls a piece of iron and spend hours sitting on those places.

Jai Ho Gurudev Ki,
Jai Ho Sainath Maharaj Ki.